Alom is 24 hours , 7 days a week available. Do you have any problems , you can always contact us and let us find you a solution. Do you have a failure? Call us on the emergency number: +31 (0) 6 509 898 30.


24 hours a day we are at your disposal and you can reach us. Even in emergencies Alom demands fast and we try to solve your questions.


As a supplier of railway materials Alom is working on a sustainable mode of transportation for people and goods. We are committed to minimize the construction and the maintenance and development of rail CO2 emissions.


Alom can in consultation with you keep products in stock both inside and outside our warehouse. The convenient location at the junction of the A15 and A27 makes Alom easy accessible.


Mr. ing. C.J. de Graaff Ing. C.J. de Graaff joined the Board of Advisors of Alom in 2006. Mr. ing. C.J. de Graaff joined many boards of directors in the rail infrastructure market....


Deliveries of materials for projects where time and quality are paramount, brings a responsibility which should be guaranteed. Alom widely relieves its clients ...