Rail crossing systems

Complete turnkey solutions made from solid rubber. High performance level crossing system designed and developed for roads with light or heavy traffic. Alom is supllier of these crossings in the Netherlands

Strong in light rail projects: Alom

Your partner in track. Alom is a designer and supplier of railway material. With our vision in which safety and sustainability of the railways are central, we are a reliable partner in the railways. A few light rail projects highlighted for you ..

FFU sleepers are increasingly used in the Dutch railways

Synthetic Railway Sleepers: Light, durable, strong and saves maintenance. With an expected life time of 50 years.

Alom supplies to one of the most complex rail projects.

Alom supplies to one of the most complex rail projects from the Netherlands. 'Utrecht Central' is one of the bussiest railtracks in the Netherlands..

Randstad Rail Tunnel

Two single-track tunnel tubes of approximately 2.4 km in length is bored under the residential area Blijdorp and the centre of Rotterdam.

Container Handling terminal PSA- Port of Zeebrugge

Alom supplied, to the Container Handeling terminal of PSA in the Port of Zeebrugge,the complete railsystem

Alom’s Concrete Crane Rail Sleeper Type K1- 32T a complete system

Alom is engineer and supplier of crane track application. Besides rails and fastening systems Alom also delivers concrete crane rail sleepers and crane rail accessories including clips, base plates, rail pads etc...

ABC rail fastening system a sustainable lightweight system

Alom has in good cooperation with HTM finalized this new rail fastening system. This ABC system is already successfully applied in practice in the tramway network of The Hague.

HSL Rotterdam

This mainline project is built by De Wilde Spoorbouw. For this project Alom engineered and supplied the complete rail fastning system.