Alom railway engineering and supply in Light rail (tram and metro) applications. Important focus of Alom is the approval of our rail fastening systems by the track owners e.g. GVB in Amsterdam, RET in Rotterdam, HTM in The Hague and BRU in Utrecht, etc. 

Alom invest continuously in research and development to improve on existing fastening systems where possible and to design new rail fastening systems.

Light rail

For light rail in The Netherlands, Alom has supplied and designed the following approved systems:

Indirect Rail Fastening System S49 for e.g. Staten tunnel in Rotterdam and Rotterdam CS
Direct Fastening System RI60 for Tramway of GVB in Amsterdam
Direct Fastening System Tram RI59 for Tramway of HTM The Hague

Besides rail fastening systems, Alom offers turnouts, crossings and rail spans in most common rail sections.