Alom FIX

A power resin suitable for the fixation of wood construction and metal constructions in the railindustry. For our clients a broader range of possibilties; One stop shop for the railindustry.

A power resin for bonded anchors
Alom –FIX resin 1:1 liquid version is a 2-component reaction resin mortar based on a pure epoxy resin and will be delivered in a 2-K cartridge system. This high performance product may be used in combination with a hand-, battery-, or pneumatic tool and a static mixer. It was designed especially for the anchoring of threaded rods, reinforcing bars or internal threaded rod sleeves into cracked and uncracked concrete as well as solid masonry.

Alom-FIX 1:1 product is characterized by a wide range of applications with an ambiance temperature up to 65°C and by high chemical resistance for applica¬tions in extreme ambiences. The flexible working time allows a secure and simple installation of the anchor rod even at elevated temperature.

• heavy anchoring in cracked and uncracked concrete with comercial threaded rods
• overhead application
• application in waterfilled bore holes
• suitable for attachment points with smoll edge- and axiue distances due to an anchoring free of expansion forces
• high chemical resistance
• no shrinkage
• low odour
• high bending- and pressure strength
• cartridge can be reused up to the end of the shelf life by replacing the static mixer or resealing cartridge with the sealing cap
• mortar is water-impermeable acc. to DIN EN 12390-8
• flexible working time at elevated temperature
• mechanical properties acc. to EN 196 Part1
o Density: 1,63 kg/dm2
o Compressive strength: 115 N/mm2
o Bending strength: 35 N/mm2
o Dynamic modulus of elasticity: 13000 N/mm2

Cracked and uncracked concrete, light-concrete, solid masonry, natural stone; Hammer drilled holes.

Anchor elements:
Threaded rods (zinc plated or hot dip, stainless steel and high corrosion resistance steel), reinforcing bars, internal threaded rods, profiled rod, steel section with undercuts (e.g. perforated section)

Temperature range:
5°C up to +40°C temperature of the base material; cartridge temperature min. +5°C;
optimal +20°C; -40°C to +65°C base material temperature after full curing.