Rail crossing systems


■ Knowledge & experience

Our rubber rail crossings have been an integral part of the Rail Industry for nearly 20 years.
The support and service we offer is backed up by over 35 years experience in polyurethane and
rubber technology.

■ Value for money

Rosehill Rail rubber crossing systems are proven to be more cost effective than other modular
systems and deliver significant cost savings.

■ Tailored solutions
We provide crossing solutions that are perfectly tailored to any requirement. Moulded to fit each bespoke crossing permutation of gauge, rail, sleeper and fastener type (on sleepers at
600mm centres), all panels are clearly marked for identification purposes.

■ High performance
All Rosehill Rail panels are strong, robust and dependable. Our Road Connect panels were designed in conjunction with Network Rail for light
or heavy traffic and now have enhanced product acceptance for high speed crossings.

■ Versatile systems
Rosehill Rail manufacture crossing panels for any rail crossing situation including road, pedestrian, agricultural, TAPs/RRAPs, tramways,
depots and yards.

■ Simple to install
Our rubber crossing systems have been engineered to facilitate quick installation and reduce track possession times.

■ No special tools required
Tool kits and lifting pins can be supplied.

■ Ideal for inspections
Individual panels can be removed in under a minute, or replaced without dismantling the whole crossing.

■ Solid rubber - no voids
Rosehill Rail panels are made of solid rubber all the way through. Tough and durable, they will outperform any other rubber crossing system
in long-term use.

■ Sustainable products
Made from 100% recycled tyre rubber and bonded using our innovative cold


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