Strong in light rail projects: Alom

Below you will get an impression of various projects in light rail
North-South Line; 9.7km new metro line within Amsterdam’s city centre. Recognised as a prestigious project internationally. Alom has developed an innovative rail fastening system, 49 NZL. More than one million components were delivered to fasten all of the tracks.
ABC rail fastening system for the track in The Hague extends service life. A new sustainable application for The Hague’s tram line. This construction makes it possible to replace the upper part of the rail fastening system without damaging the concrete substrate.
The ‘Randstad’ light rail E-line comes from ‘Slinge station’ in Rotterdam and ended up, until recently years, on tracks 11 and 12 of The Hague Central Station. To have more space at the track, the E-Line has a new end stop named HSE (The Hague start station Erasmus line)
The HSE is the new metro stop which connects Rotterdamand The Hague.
Two single-track tunnel tubes of approximately 2.4 km in length is bored under the residential area Blijdorp and the centre of Rotterdam. For this project Alom supplied the rails 49E1 and
the indirect rail fastening system with corkrubber baseplates and railpads to maximize the vibration control in this urban environment.
This lightrail (tram) project is built by the rail contractor BamRail. For this project Alom engineered and supplied the complete Ri60 rail fastening system.


Rail crossing systems

Complete turnkey solutions made from solid rubber. High performance level crossing system designed and developed for roads with light or heavy traffic. Alom is supllier of these crossings in the Netherlands

FFU sleepers are increasingly used in the Dutch railways

Synthetic Railway Sleepers: Light, durable, strong and saves maintenance. With an expected life time of 50 years.