FFU sleepers are increasingly used in the Dutch railways

Synthetic Railway Sleepers: Light, durable, strong and saves maintenance

Alom offers , along with Sekisui, a Synthetic Railway Sleepers. These synthetic sleepers are produced by compressing single strands of glass fibre with polyurethane foam using a high pressure extraction press. The expected lifetime is more than 50 years.

Symbiosis between wood and plastic

These sleepers widely applied in Japan’s railroad infrastructure.  So far, more than 870 km of track have been laid with these sleepers, main areas of application are turnouts, open steel girder structures and tunnels. The idea behind this was to devise a synthetic material featuring the same properties as natural wood, plus an extended life-span and weathering resistivity. Therefore, the synthetic  sleeper is a perfect symbiosis between wood and plastic, combining the advantages of both materials.



Rail crossing systems

Complete turnkey solutions made from solid rubber. High performance level crossing system designed and developed for roads with light or heavy traffic. Alom is supllier of these crossings in the Netherlands

Strong in light rail projects: Alom

Your partner in track. Alom is a designer and supplier of railway material. With our vision in which safety and sustainability of the railways are central, we are a reliable partner in the railways. A few light rail projects highlighted for you ..